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a r e   y o u   r e a d y  ?

F a s h i o n   i n   t h e   S t r e e t 

J u n e  1st  &  2nd

When will you ever see Chicago close down part of Dearborn to hold a fashion show ? Now .


we will be there. xoxo



J A C O B ' S  W O N D E R  B y  e . k a y e

'The Painted Gown' was created by artist Jacob Blum and designer Emily Sifrit. The initial conversation included many concepts, a few puzzling questions, laughs, and a hope that the outcome would be untouchable.

Emily'srequest was that Jacob create a painting, completely of his own vision on a piece of canvas. Her next request... was for a leap of faith. For Jacob to allow her to create a gown, completely of her own vision, out of his painting.

There were moments of great curiosity...

Jacob: 'This can't be what she meant.. how is someone going to wear this...'

Emily: 'He put his heart into this masterpiece how can I possibly cut it?!... and oh yes, how IS someone going to wear it...'

The outcome is one hundred percent original, one of a kind, and full of inspired moments.

One of the best comments made during the first conversation, Jacob: 'Well we can't just do this once.'

Number two in the series hangs on his wall as we speak.


* photo credit: Dennis Sevilla : 9 Muses Photography


m a i n   t e a m :

Hair: Jennie Hitchens  Makeup: Shane Adam Webb  Photography: Lyndsey Marie Photography  Models: Heather Romein

Show Music Custom Mixed  by: Jason Neuman www.djjasonneuman.com


fashion design studio . 150 N Schuyler Ave. Suite 108 Kankakee, IL 60901