I am experienced in many areas of altering, including:

Wedding Dresses & Bustles (French & Traditional)

Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and Mothers of the Bride/Groom

Special Occasion Dresses


Basic hems

Zipper replacements

Seam repair

And more...

* I will alter casual clothes that don't fit quite right - jeans, tops that don't fit your shape, dress pants that don't stay up, etc.


Pricing can vary depending on the garment. However generally it is based off of the following:


Formal Dresses

hem - $30-$40 (depending on beading/number of layers)

take in or let out sides- $35 -$55 (depending on how many sides are altered)

straps - $10 - $15

*wedding dresses may be slightly higher due to the structure

bustle pricing is based on complexity - $40 - $80


Casual Repairs

hems - $8 - $12

zipper replacement - approx $20 (again depending on type of coat)

shorten sleeves- $8-$10


I will give an estimated price at the time of fitting, and will not charge until the final fitting. I do not charge for extra fittings needed. Only work not originally agreed on will be additionally charged.


Contact Emily at

or by cell: 815-922-8897