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. about e.kaye

e.kaye's collections are created with several factors in mind. Emily keeps her looks feminine but always fresh and fun as well. The main focus is to provide the woman with an outfit that makes her feel proud to be who she is. To make her feel confidently beautiful whether she is behind a desk or in a club. Most pieces are versatile, and meant to be used dressed up or dressed down. After all, women are all professional multi-taskers, our outfits should be too. Aside from ready to wear collections, e.kaye is also proud to offer an exclusive number of couture designs each year. e.kaye is ready for decades to come, thank you for being a part of it.

. about the designer

I began sewing when I was 7 years old.
My mother worked a second job a few nights each week. On those nights I would spend time with my great grandmother. That wonderful lady shared her expertise with a little girl to pass the time. I am now a wife and mom, still from Chicagoland, with 18 years of experience sketching and designing. I am constantly inspired by the personalities of clients I design for. The past few years have brought an exceptional number of blessings. I have learned more about possibility and faith, my family has grown teaching me patience, and the road ahead looks spectacular. Hopefully what began as a bonding experience for me, will benefit you in some way. Welcome to my creative inlet.